Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros. My latest obsession. The Icelandic lyrics are no hindrance to this beautiful, inspiring music. Click the title to hear my favorie song of the moment Hoppipolla which is Icelandic for "jumping into puddles"
Today I am happy because of
  • peppermint tea (herbal, no caffeine)
  • sigur ros
  • azure ray
  • perfect weather
  • got off work 2.5 hours early which means I get to clean my little heart out
  • my wonderful friends (family night tonight!)


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Amber said...

you have finally discovered my favorite band. They've been my obsession since 2006!!!! I got to see them in concert a while back. SOOOOO AAAMMAAAZZING!! You should check out "Jonsi and Alex" It's the lead singer of Sigur Ros and his "partner". No lyrics, just beautiful music. If you haven't seen the documentary they made titled "Heima", i highly recommend it. In fact, i think i shall hold a Heima party soon and you should come:)