I should be sleeping but I'm itching to shop! I love this simple, inexpensive Chiffon dress from F21 (which is all too conveniently located on the way home from work). I'm going to need a few new dresses, it's definitely wedding season people.
I've realized lately that there are people that know me by name that probably shouldn't... Forever21 employees, Pei Wei employees, Spinato's waiter (Jeff), etc. etc.

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Jordan said...

That dress is so cute! & I know how you feel... During the tennis season, Barry, at Jamba Juice, knew mine & Aubrey's first name & had our orders already in the cash register as we walked through the door. Semi-embarrassing, but mostly flattering.

PostScript: I am really proud of you and how you handled yourself to "anonymous". When I read that the first thing that came to my mind was taking the beam out of your own eye, before taking the moat out of someone else? You are a beautiful girl inside & out!