(Today was my first day on Doxicyclin and apparently my body doesn't like it. I took the medicine this morning and then started driving to work. I got sick so quickly that I didn't even have time to exit the freeway. I ended up throwing up all over myself! I destroyed my new pencil skirt! I eventually made it to a Circle K where I tearfully called my sister desperate for some sort of assistance. She loaded up her cute children and was there in a flash with a change of clothes and clorox wipes. I owe her a big THANK YOU)
On days like these I lay around in bed watching Dexter. Dexter is a series on Showtime about a Forensic Scientist who specializes in blood. Ironically he is also a serial killer. He only kills criminals who have managed to escape from the Law. This show is addicting to me, and although it can be violent and disturbing somehow it makes my life better.


Mollybelle said...

So I'm in medical Microbiology right now, and we just learned about doxicycline which is a form of tetracycline. I hope you have sinusitis and not Chlamydia!!!!!!
(I don't think you have chlamydia but it is very commonly used for that.)
Wait till your anonymous judge thinks you have chlamydia!

nadia shea said...

Haha girl it's for acne!!

Willi Nixon said...

haha this is the most terrible show, but i'm completely addicted too

Johanna said...

That doxicycline is serious business. My boyfriend was given some over the weekend for a skin infection on his arm. His throat immediately closed up, became dizzy and starting throwing up violently! It was scary. He decded to not go through with the whole weeks worth of pills, needless to say!

Amelia Kate said...

Im so glad you wrote this. I see so many people talk about this show, but never say what its about! Now i know what its about, and it sounds awesome!