Why are my friends SO talented?! So I told you about my friends Aubrey and Marshall. This is their adorable wedding reception which was shot by Stacie and Geoffrey lang (ALSO SUPER TALENTED FRIENDS). I love these 2 couples with all of my heart! Aubrey constructed this reception with her bear hands! Everything from the Oragami, do the sewn flower curtain, to the hand-drawn wedding invitations. She truly is amazing! And Stacie and Geoffrey sure captured the magic with their photography. I hope to soon see pictures from the evening and all the dancing. I just had to brag about my friends!

Life has been quite up and down lately. Which is the story of my life. Throughout some ridiculous events I've remained quite positive about it all, there is so much to be grateful for. In January I got a stupid traffic ticket in Phoenix. I procrastinated taking care of the ticket. Oddly enough I got pulled over again 6 weeks later (while attempting to tweet on my blackberry). Apparently during my procrastination I got my license suspended. If you get a ticket while your license is suspended the police can literally take your car from you and make you jump through many hoops to get it back. In my case, these hoops included court dates, endless DMV trips, and lot's of money. Never again will I procrastinate, or tweet while driving. Oh, and I also promised my visiting teaching companion I would no longer have diet coke for breakfast. Random I know, but it just has to stop. I should grow up!