I sure do love these two. They are getting married tomorrow. This is a photo from their engagement shoot, but don't be fooled, they are a walking jcrew ad on a daily basis. Dustin is known to wear bow ties for any and all occasions. And Jenna is a classic lady, always prim and proper in skirts and dresses. She is talented in so many ways. She is crafty and thrifty, inventive and original. She can bake, sew, and plays multiple instruments including the cello. Dustin adores Jenna in a way that is so endearing to everyone who knows them. He is brilliant! It's one thing to be top of the class, but he is top of the class in Medical School. He is one of the most hard-working and dedicated people I know. I am so so happy for the lovebirds.
Tonight I cancelled the plans I had with friends to spend a selfish night at home. I wrote a letter, read a few chapters in my book, drank a cool glass of chocolate milk, took a bubble bath, and listened to a playlist I created for myself on my Ipod. Funny how my idea of a perfect evening has evolved over the years.

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Jenna said...

thanks for the dedicatory post nadia! i love you! see you after Paris :)