I'm smitten with Audrey Tatou in the films Amelie and A Very Long Engagement. Both of these French films were directed by Jean-Pierre Juenet. This pretty much sums up my weekend! She is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses. She was also quite charming in Coco Avant Chanel.

"without you today's emotions would be the scurf's of yesterday"-Amelie


Kelsey said...

You need to watch Priceless! She is unreal!

ann beret said...

Amelie... One of my most favorite films of all time. And I just barely had the oppotunity to watch A Very Long Engagement. Also.. SO beautiful. AND THE SOUNDTRACKS TO BOTH?? AMAZING.

mle photography said...

you don't know me but i'm sure we have mutual friends :) just wanted to give you this link to some photos since you love Amelie. they are beautiful!