Recently Jonny introduced me to the duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally known as "Beach House." I instantly fell in love. Victoria has a sultry voice that is unlike any other. The name is appropriate because when you listen to them it's like you drift off to another place completely.

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Today I was thinking back to High School. Throughout my 3 years of Student Council we tried to serve others anonymously. We referred to it as RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness). I remember how much fun we had heart attacking people, sending ballooons, even attempting to bring bag lunches to the homeless (although we ended up roaming the streets of Phoenix on foot in search for homeless people without much luck).

I'm in the spirit to start up RAOK again in my own life! Watch out you may be next....

So in my transition from teen to adult I have been consistent in my struggle with one reality. I have grown up believing, or being brain-washed into thinking, that I am destined for greatness. As loving parents often do, they convince you that you are special and superior! They show you your strengths and instill in you no fear of accomplishing your goals. As the weight of adulthood seemed to rest on my shoulders, as debt accrued, as life brought me hurdles, I started to settle in to mundane life. 9-5 jobs, car washes, laundry, mediocrity. Recently in a phone converstation with my mother I complained to her about how I feel like all I do is work and I am not accomplishing anything extraordinary. Her response was that "I think everyone with a job, and a car, and a house feels this way Nadia."
But mom! I always thought I was capable of more. And maybe I am! I am realizing that in order to rise above mediocrity it will require a lot of work and sacrifice on my part.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha I remember when we would do that and teachers would get soo mad!! we would be like you just got roak'ed!! hahaha good times!