I've been a little bit of a blogger slacker. As of late my father informed me that we'll be moving again. I shamefully admit I threw a fit like a toddler. Granted I've lived in 15 different homes growing up. I'm only 21. Just when home starts to feel like home I should know that it's time to pack up and move. There just isn't any excuse for it. My father isn't in the Army. He is a real estate agent.
Anyways, there is so much to update. Now that I have ranted off all of my complaints I can count my blessings. It has been fun to watch my closest girlfriends move on to the next phases of life. Jenna is happily married to Dustin. Aubrey is happily married to Marshall. Stacie is happily married to Geoff and baby Ivy just joined their family. Kayla and Jeremy adore their baby Recker. Lindsey and Michelle are engaged. I can't believe how time flies. We graduated High School four years ago! I feel like everyone has grown up so quickly. I am glad I have so many wonderful examples in my life. My closest friends have become people that I admire so much. I am grateful that I have so many fun people that surround me. I remember when Braeden left on his mission I would cry and just pray that I would find friends to keep me company. Heavenly Father definitely heard and answered my prayers. I have so many wonderful friends. Friends that love the same music and movies as me. Friends who would do anything for me. Tonight I was frustrated and I didn't handle it well. I threw a tantrum and then cleaned for two hours. But luckily I have a father that is very forgiving.

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Jenna said...

What? Where is the dean taking you now? I miss him! And I miss you!