Shannon missed out on some of the fun shoots I've done over the past year and asked me to post some of the photos! So Shannon this post is for you! These are just a few of my favorites.


Shannon said...

Ahh! Oh my gosh! First, I feel so honored. And second, AHHHHH! Why are you not famous??? You are so stunning. I can't believe what a natural you are at this. I would buy whatever product you were selling if you were to do this professionally. Amazing. I love you to pieces and am proud to call you my friend. Sad we didn't have more time together. Oh and as a side note, killers = top 3 favorite bands. I too love them as much as I did when I very first heard them. Love it. Thanks for the post!

Katie said...

It's true Nadia - you are stunning in all of your photos. I wish you would post more!