all is full of love

Everything seems to be changing at such a rapid rate. It's hard to adjust. It's difficult to even document it. All of the secrecy can stop now that some changes have officially set in. I quit my job and started another. I spent seven months working in a place where I simply wasn't happy. I now work at a place where I am happy. I am fortunate enough to work 4 super long days a week and have 3 days off. I work with nice people. I am so blessed.
I often feel like although my blog is quite exposing, there are parts of myself and my life that I keep extremely private. Sometimes I feel like I am in a fish bowl and I am constantly being judged and scrutinized. I have come to the realization that this is partly true, and quite possibly exaggerated in my own mind. Unfortunately I just have too much history in the Gilbert bubble. And even though it's out of love, or concern, it seems that everyone knows what is "best" for me. I am an adult and I'd like to think I am capable of making those kinds of decisions on my own. But I will say that I have been richly blessed. I am overwhelmed with wonderful people that love me and care about me. I've learned that if you look at people's actions you will often be let down. But if you instead look at their heart, or their intentions, you will less likely to be offended or hurt.
So I am happy and blessed.
  • I have a Kings of Leon ticket for Saturday that I did not pay for.
  • I have a special visitor coming in to town next weekend.
  • I am going to Disneyland for my birthday.
  • I have a wonderful new job.
  • I have pretty new rasberry nail polish.
  • I have 3 photo shoots coming up, (just for fun).
  • Today I had a delicious Liberty Market breakfast and then went to a pet store and looked at puppies I could never afford.
  • I've started exercising again
  • I get to wear comfy scrubs to work
  • and comfy shoes
  • I got to lay by the pool today
  • I have clean sheets
  • Life is beautiful

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