It's been said for a while that my family should have a reality TV show. Those who know us well know that we are absolutely insane! These are my two sisters. Brittany is older and McKenzie is younger. Brittany is a hair stylist and she's married with two children. She has a booty that could rival Kim Kardashian or J.Lo. She's a beautiful girl and a wonderful mother. McKenzie is a little fireball who can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to! She is strong in EVERY sense of the word. Physically, emotionally, mentally she is just a rock! She can play several instruments including the drum and the xylophone. I've never seen someone rock out on a xylophone like McKenzie. Behind her tough girl exterior is the sweetest heart.
Anyways. Our family is insane right? Every Sunday night we have family dinner and then we break in to a dance party. It always starts the same. No boys allowed to come in! A little Passion Pit, then we get more hyper and we listen to Yelle, then by the time we're done with Yelle my dad will come in and start dancing too which is always awkward and funny.

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