My lovely Blog friend Kristine posted about the "artists she must see before she dies"
We had one in common. Sufjan Stevens. I heard a rumor that he brings an orchestra and band with him on tour. His songs are so eccentric and entertaining to me. I think it would be surreal to see him live.
Another is Ray Lamontagne. Who I am lucky enough to be able to see in two weeks! He is going to be divine. I am particularly excited to hear him perform "sarah" and "empty"
Damien Rice is also on the list. He doesn't tour very often, especially in the states. But I must see him someday. I must! Hopefully with Lisa Hannigan? A girl can dream.
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kristine said...

Hey thanks for the shout out, friend :) I'm glad we both have lists of who we need to see before we die! Everyone needs one. I will see you at Sufjan Stevens!

Natalie said...

Ohh so sexy. Love love love Sufjan Stevens