baby V and Teamboo

I know I am not the only one that is obsessed with adorable Baby V. (Ivy Mae Lang). Everyone loved Stacie and Geoff as they were openly "engaged and underage." It's been so fun to be a part their journey from a young newlywed couple to parenthood. And let me tell you, they are fabulous parents. They submitted this photo to {team boo} which is an ADORABLE blog that challenged parents to submit a "defenseless baby photo" such as this one. This is Ivy on a gondala ride in Italy. Isn't she to die for?
Anyways. Via the Langs, I was able to parooze the blog {team boo} a little bit. In one of her posts she so eloquently described how I've felt for a long time. I'm going to quote her here...

"Most of us, if not all, can relate to the love hate relationship with the blogging world. The unique people (love) the fakeness (hate) the talent and inspiration (love) then feeling like a lame-o (hate) the great stories (love) the rude comments (hate) the hours of entertainment (love) how much time I can waste on the computer (hate) making connections (love) feeling plain or inadequate (hate) the creativity (LOVE) the "competition" (hate) the opportunities to learn (love).

The slipperiest slope of all for me though is the "wanting." Wanting the stuff I don't need, wanting to be somewhere I'm not. Wanting to be a little more stylish, beautiful, wittier, more interesting, talented or whatever. What I really want is to be happy to LOVE and grow. I truly do find so much inspiration daily of ways to find and create the joy in my life through the people in the blog world. It is a tough balance to not get carried away with "missing out" on the things I wish I were or had."

what do YOU love/hate about blogging?


teamBoo said...

aww nadia! you are too kind :) i sound so heavy in this quote, gawl.

so glad steoffrey could bring us together...thanks for the shout out friend :)

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Thanks Naddys!

What do I love about blogging? All the great stuff people like you post that I want.

What do I hate about blogging? All the great stuff people like you post that I want.