I've only been engaged for a week and I've already been planning the big day like crazy! We already feel so overwhelmed with the love we feel from those around us. Thanks for all the congratulations and support!

Sister White will be making my wedding dress, I can't think of anything more special! And anyone who knows Sister White knows she makes EVERYTHING with love! Especially cookies and dresses.

Our videography will be done by none other than the Robert's! They are so artistic and talented! I just know they will do a wonderful job.

Engagements, Bridals, and more videography done by these three lovelies!

I am already having so much fun planning and thinking of creative ways to make our big day, the best day! Send your ideas my way. I want everyone to be a part of this. What are your favorite wedding blogs, Etsy shops, designers, caterers? Help!

We will have the reception at his parents home in East Mesa. The big day is Saturday, January 15th.


Betsy Blue said...

Oh congratulations! Being married is the best! I got my wedding dress and my wedding shoes off of etsy.

Jenna Robert said...

Yayyayyay! I wish I was going to be there to watch Jan do you dress. She is so amazing.

Shalayne and Clayton said...

Congrats again, we better get an invite!