My weekend.

I have been complaining to Kevin lately that I don't like Tmobile and that my bill seems a bit pricey. He looked into adding me to his family plan on AT&T but there was only one problem, I have the blackberry curve.

So before going to dinner Friday night he mentions that he has to make one stop...
He then took me straight to the Apple store to surprise me with an Iphone4! My first Iphone ever.

It is love. I am obsessed. I love the large screen. I love how you can easily customize everything. I love having my email set up, and my Chase bank information. I love being able to easily find anything, it's better than a GPS.

I love the Hipstamatic app to take photos.

I love that it has a flash.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Words With Friends! It's taking over my life.

I could go on but I won't...

But I will add that I also enjoy the Urbanspoon, Foursquare, twitter, facebook, and Plex apps.

This is the photo we took right after we got the phone.
Then we played around with Facetime considering the froyo shop we were in had free Wifi. Yes people stared as we did Facetime sitting next to each other.
It will help when he is working in California for the next 5 weeks :[

Tonight after I dropped Kevin off at the airport I went to see my newphews in their costumes. They were done trick-or-treating and decided to hand out candy on the porch. This is how I found them. Spiderman and Ironman of course. I love these boys more than life. I even enjoyed them as they were at the peak of their sugar high...

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