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I typed up a lengthy blog post and it accidentally got deleted. I am not going to retype it so here's the shortened version!

I am obsessed with this wedding! I have had my moments where I have been snippy to my family, and even worse my fiance. It is so easy to forget what a romantic event it is when I stress about minor details and time frames. Kevin always kindly reminds me that none of the details matter, and that it is about us getting MARRIED!

Did I mention how helpful he has been? He has probably done more for this wedding than I have by far. He designed our wedding invitations which I think are pretty cute. He has lot's of great ideas.

For the past 15 months that we've been dating, every sunday after church he makes me grilled cheese and tomato soup. He is such a great cook, even simple recipes taste extra special. He suggested that we share this meal with our friends and family at the reception, along with a lot of other goodies of course. We decided to cater it ourselves since we are on a tight budget.

For flowers we are going to head down to a wholesale flower warehouse the week of the wedding and arrange them ourselves! I found some engraved birchwood vases on etsy to put them in.

Sister White made a practice bodice for my wedding dress out of muslin to see how it fit. It is darling. I can tell it's going to be exactly what I wanted. The dress will be tea length and made out of silk dupioni.

My next project will be burlap table runners, I found some inexpensive burlap fabric at Hobby Lobby. (Much cheaper than the runners I spotted at Pottery Barn). I just love all of the rustic vintage touches I've seen around lately.

My goal is for the event to be as genuine as possible, and to be an accurate representation of our style as a couple. Kevin is a very artistic person and he has had a large part in creating this event.

Let the countdown begin, 1 month people!


Erica Ann said...

this all sounds so lovely. i can tell it's going to be an amzing event, and it will be such a special day for you two. i'm so happy for you nadia!

stacie and geoffrey... said...

EEEE!!! I CANNOT believe it's already just a month away. It's crazy how fast time flies. Time to schedule bridals girl!

Jenna Robert said...

We need to get you over to my house and see what you want to use!

Also, being engaged is the worst time in a relationship. SO much stress. As much as I hate to admit it, it really just was a high at first, then a low closer to the wedding. Don't worry, it's only temporary :)