"you're cold, maybe you just missed the sun
you fall, feeling like it's just begun
so far keeping it together has been enough
look up,
rain is falling looks like love"

Image via {Diana Mini love}

This weekend I had a lot of family fly in to town. I admit I wasn't thrilled about it. For all the selfish reasons you would expect. I don't want to fake a smile, I don't want to see anyone, I just want to be alone...

I was surprised how much I benefited from their smiles, their Spirit, their laughter, their love...

Feelings of loneliness were overshadowed by the feelings of unconditional love and support. I thank my Heavenly Father that I had them here with me. They shared words of wisdom with me that I cherish:

"This experience does not define you, you have so much life yet to live. Keep the Commandments and you will shine"

Thanks for all of your love, your flowers, your ice cream, your texts, your emails, your comments, your calls, the books you shared, the cupcakes, the movies, the chocolate, the scriptures, the quotes, the service. You all know who you are. I am forever indebted to you, may Heavenly Father bless you.


mindy said...

great quotes. thank YOU for sharing. we can do this.

Chelsey Oliver: said...

Family has a way of bringing you up, because they know the person you are even when you forget :) Thank you for the inspirational quotes.

Chels said...

Keep your head up, girl! I just had to put off my wedding as well, and we've been waiting for years now. It's so tough because you'd rather not tell anyone but everyone's going to wonder why they aren't invited to the wedding. Everything will work out, God has GREAT plans for you!

Court said...

I don't know you, but I enjoy following your blog! My best friend was supposed to get married 18 Dec and it was called off. I admire her for the strength she has to move forward. It looks like you're doing exactly the same thing and I really admire it- it shows a lot of courage and character. Heavenly Father has wonderful plans for all of us! :)