I think Heather Morris AKA "Brittany" is my favorite character on Glee. She is so witty, even in real life. I read that she sometimes improvises her lines on the show. And I think it is obvious that she is the best dancer on the show. Have you seen the Brittany Spears episode? She is fantastic! I dare say she is a better dancer than Brittany Spears herself. I really enjoyed these photos, they are outtakes from a shoot for Nylon Magazine.


m.estelle said...

nadia! i heard this gal's from AZ and danced at...crap i forgot. whatever. all i wanted to say was AZ PRIDE!

( that just got out of control ;)


Willy McKnight said...


Alexandra Gibbs said...

I used to dance with her! By the way, I LOVE your blog :) Hopefully when I come to visit AZ again, we can get together... maybe have a little photo session again!

Hope all is well girly