This is my lucky week. Do you ever feel like you've been hurt, and you've struggled through trials for what seems like years and then one day you finally catch a break? I feel so blessed. After the horrific events in January I thought my life was over. Before I knew it I was granted a life changing promotion. I made amazing friends. I met new people and shattered my comfort zone.

It has been a fantastic week. I've worked hard and played hard. And although my birthday isn't until August I have been showered with gifts for some reason! Just to name a few:

Tickets to Glee Live in San Diego come May 29th
Tickets to the Suns vs. the Hornets
Flowers in the mail
a massage
a mani/pedi

Thanks for all the presents loved ones, you know who you are! :)

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mindy said...

isn't it amazing how somehow we get back on our two feet & fight to survive this crazy life?!

im trying to shatter my comfort zone too! any tips!?