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As most of you know, I got a promotion! The company I have been working for for a while asked me to move up to their corporate headquarters in Lehi Utah. When I am not helping out in the corporate office, I am traveling all over helping them open new clinics.

I spend a lot of time up in the air, you know, like George Clooney.

I live in Provo, mostly for the social aspect. I live right across from the Provo library. Pretty right?

On the way up to Utah I fell in love with the St. George Temple.

One day, some friends and I went to Salt Lake to go exploring. We went to a street fair in the Avenues and ate Kettle Corn. I will live in the Avenues someday! We also went to an estate sale. After that we attended a Greek Festival and ate delicious kabobs. We then went to a dance party DJ'd by two of the members of LCD Soundsystem.

We eat home made Pazookies almost every night, it's a problem.

Spur of the moment last weekend we took a trip up to Park City. Let me just tell you, it is the most enchanting city in the fall!

We went to an art gallery that featured the work of a photographer named Fatali. Apparently he loves AZ as much as I do because he takes most of his photos there. He uses a vintage camera and doesn't edit ANY of his photos. He waits weeks, even months for the perfect shot. Dedication at it's finest!

This was the view from the cabin we stayed at.
This is the street where we ate dinner and visited the gallery. So charming. I must add that we all splurged on goodies from the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory. I recommend the mint dipped oreos!

I took this picture of the sky this evening in Denver. I travel a lot these days and at times I miss home. I like to look at the sky and take comfort that it is the same everywhere and we are connected if we just look up.

Today my boss sent me to pick up some photocopies from alphagraphics. Little did he know, he had them printed in the middle of downtown. It made things difficult and interesting! You know... one way streets, stairs, revolving doors... not exactly my thing. But I made it work. I took this photo to document the adventure.

I know many of you have asked how I am doing. I am growing a lot and stretching my limits. I am so blessed to have this job. I miss my friends and family so much it breaks my heart. But I think I am at the right place at this time. I look at these photos and think how lucky I am. I get to travel, meet new people constantly, and I work for a company that is always challenging me to be better. Overall life is great.

I was so sad about missing the Bon Iver concert that I watched their videos all night. This is my favorite Bon Iver video to date. If you haven't seen it, enjoy.



Kristin said...

Congrats on the promotion! You so deserve to be corporate. You're one of the hardest working people I know. Glad your bosses see that too. Good photo skills. Love the AZ photographer. Glad you're doing well!

angela hardison said...

i have loved seeing peeks into your new utah life... it really is so gorgeous there. hope all is well & you keep loving it!

Chelsey Oliver: said...

Beautiful pics girl! So glad you're having fun :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I sit crazy that I just had my first pazzokie the other day?! I am hooked. I also live right by the Provo City Library, such a stunning building :) &the St. George Temple is gorgeous. I fell in love with it as well the first time I saw it. It was also the temple I went through for the first time, making it extra special.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

all of these photos are just so fabulous! can't even stand how gorgeous utah can really be. still trying to get used to it, being a seattlite.
xo TJ

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