I am excited to be back in the blog world. I went through a lot of extreme changes over the past couple months. I moved home to Arizona and took my old position as Laser Technician. I did love my position up in Utah, but the cold and homesickness eventually became too much to bear. I am so happy to be here. The weather has been lovely.
One of the things I love most about Arizona is the food. If you know me at all you know I love to eat. I love Spinato's, Cibo, La Grande Orange, Liberty Market, Oreganos, Joes BBQ, etc. Eating out with my friends is my favorite past time. That being said, I knew I needed to make some changes. I often felt drained, and tired. I struggle with acne. My biggest complaint was the frequent migraines.
I was tired of the stomach aches and nausea. Indulging now and then is inevitable, but I wanted my everyday diet to change. I watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix that really opened my eyes for the first time. My favorites were Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Food Inc. I would highly reccommend you watch these. They are entertaining, informative, and quite frankly disturbing! (In the best way). Many of you have seen my photos on Instagram documenting my recent journey and have been asking questions. I wanted to elaborate on my blog for anyone who is intrigued.
So on the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead a man shares his story about how Juicing changed his life. By juicing fruits and vegetables he lost a TON of weight, felt and looked healthier, and felt inspired to educate others.
Benefits of Juicing:
One of the greatest benefits is that you can consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables quickly and easily. Pictured below is the amount of fruits and vegetables I consume in one cup of juice:
In the short amount of time that I've been juicing I have noticed a more effective digestive system, increased energy, deeper sleep, clearer skin, shinier hair, better moods, and less bloating in the stomach.
Juicing has also helped me to save money. Below is an entire cart of groceries from The Farmer's Market. These fruits and vegetables are locally grown so they are safer for our bodies. The groceries pictured only cost me $24, which is enough juice to last me at least 4 days (two meals/day). That is only $3/ meal!
I have only been juicing for about two weeks and I try to juice twice a day. Cutting out all of the junk in my diet is still a work in progress. (It is girl scout cookie season people!) I have noticed my taste is beginning to change. The foods I crave are different. When I do cheat, I am unable to consume the same large quantities I used to.
Lately people have been asking me how the juice tastes. I assumed it would be an acquired taste. Most of the juice consists of vegetables. The first time I tried it however I enjoyed it and wanted more. The juice comes out a little bit different each time but it always tastes sweet. It has been fun to experiment by adding and subtracting ingredients.
Here is the recipe for the juice I do daily:
1 large carrot
2 green apples
1 small orange
2 large celery stalks
1 large lemon wedge
1 handful of spinach
1 handful of kale
Hope you found this informative!


mandyface said...

So glad you posted about this! I've bought the goods and pulled out the juicer...now I just need to freaking juice! The first step is the hardest, right? Thx for posting your recipe!

Erica Ann said...

Oh I loved reading this. I'm super interested in doing this. My question is though (and you may not know because it doesn't apply to you) is it safe to do while nursing? I guess safe isn't the right word. What I mean is I'm not really supposed to "diet" while nursing in order to keep supply up, but this isn't really cutting calories is it? It seems like you'd still be getting plenty of calories, it's just that the calories are all coming from good stuff, right? Also, what kind of juicer do you have?

angela hardison said...

loved this. i bought a really nice juicer like over a year ago and still haven't taken it out of the box. maybe this weekend i need to hit up the ranch market and get some cheap veggies & fruits!

Molly Belle said...

I've always wanted to try juicing.... I haven't had the time to really research it and get into it yet. Maybe after I finish school in May...
p.s. I took my boy to Spinato's the other day. It won his heart just like it did mine. YUM.

katilda said...

I am very intrigued by this. My digestive system has been hating on me for a couple years now. I tried going off gluten for awhile, and that kinda worked but it was THE WORST diet ever. I might investigate this juicing thing...


You have inspired me to jump on the Juice bandwagon! I've been having bouts of migraines and bad skin lately and it's probably because I eat so unhealthy. A friend just gave me a juicer, so I really don't have an excuse!

Yay, thanks!

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