A lot of my friends, family members, and followers have been asking questions about baby girl. I decided this would be a great place to dish the dirt! Little one is doing great. I have an ultrasound in about 6 weeks to check on her kidneys. Prayers are appreciated until then. I am nervous but I have faith that it will work out. 

I am 22 weeks along, almost 23 weeks. 
I have gained 11 pounds! Yikes. But Doctor says that's PERFECT. 
I feel her kick every day. Especially when music is playing or if I'm in the bath tub. 
Feeling great. Nausea and head aches are minimal. 
My back hurts, always. But that's normal. 

My best friend Caitlin and I have been going crazy with ideas for the baby shower. I know it's a bit premature, considering the shower is the end of April. But we can't help ourselves. 

I've been going a little crazy shopping for her. I have no self control. How do you pass up a ruffled pink swimsuit that fits a newborn?! 

Now for the big questions.....

No we will NOT be naming this baby girl Coco. It is a nickname that started because of the Coco butter I'm constantly lathered in. Her real name will be a surprise. For now, feel free to call her Coco. Everyone does. 

Early in the pregnancy I considered adoption. But as time passed, I prayerfully decided to keep little bird. I love her too much to let her go. Thank you for your support and love as you have helped me navigate through these tough decisions. For those of you who suggested families hoping to adopt, I pray that they have miracles in their lives very soon. 



mindy said...

I've got chills, every post you write is so beautifully written!! She is one lucky baby girl!.& 11lbs..you're doing great!! I'm jealous lol! Prayers that get kidneys are normal

Stephanie Vogel said...

Tears came to my eyes reading your last paragraph. You will be so blessed! I wanted to know how Coco's kidneys were doing. Thinking of you and your little bird ;)

kelsey bang said...

I am so happy you are going to be a mom! you are going to be so amazing! your little gal is so lucky to have you for a mother! you look amazing! you are so dang cute! and I miss you! LOVE the baby clothes and cute little bunny!

Shannon said...

I have been following your blog religiously and haven't commented to this point for fear of saying the wrong thing. I wanted to tell you how amazing you'd be as a mom. I wanted to tell you how amazing babies (planned OR unplanned) are and how much they change you, help you, love you, teach you, complete you. I wanted to tell you about all my friends who chose to keep their babies and how much richer their lives have been. I also wanted to tell you about the friends I've had who chose to place their precious babies up for adoption and how much joy and peace they've found in knowing the blessings they offered to a family in need. Basically, I wanted to let you know that either way, you will be happy and so full of love. But I was afraid you might think I was trying to tell you one as better than the other, and I didn't at all want to give that impression. But now hat I know your decision, I just want to say how happy I am for you. How impressed I have been with your maturity and growth through this experience. How proud I am to know you, even if only a little. How happy I am that this experience hasn't turned you against your loving Father, as it does for so many, but that you have sought peace and comfort in His arms. You are amazing. Your daughter will be blessed to have you as a mother, and I have no doubt she will also carry your strength. You have so much to teach and offer her. Motherhood is hard. You will doubt yourself at every turn. You will doubt your choices. You will doubt your abilities. You will doubt your entire being. But you will never doubt your love for your child or the gratitude you feel at having her in your life. It is wonderful you are spending this time growing closer to your Heavenly Father and your Brother and Savior because in your times of doubt as a mother, They will be your source of comfort, peace, understanding, and confidence in you and your rite and calling to be a mother. I am so so happy for you. What a wonderful blessing! Thanks for keeping your blog so real and letting us all see Nadia! Love love love.

Nadia said...

Mindy, thank you for your love and support. And mostly your prayers! I feel them in my life. Thank you dear. I always appreciate your sweet comments.

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Nadia said...

Stephanie thank you for thinking of me! It's so sweet and lovely to me that my friends care about me and this baby. I really appreciate the love and support more than you know.


Nadia said...

Kelsey! You are so dang sweet. I just love you.


Nadia said...

Shannon. I am so glad you decided to contact me. So many people have expressed that they were hesitant to contact me for fear of offending me in some way. Everyone is so kind to be sensitive to my feelings. I really love the input though. I read, and reread the comments on my blog. Especially on hard days. Why do you think I blog?! I love the support from friends and strangers. You were always so kind to me. I hope life is treating you well. You are just wonderful.