Ernest and I decided to take a baby-moon (of sorts) and go to Disneyland for Valentines day! Even though I couldn't ride most of the adult rides we had the most magical day. We rode all of the nostalgic kids rides, ate TONS of delicious Disney foods, and just enjoyed each others company. I have been soaking up every minute I can with him because soon there will be a little one in the mix. 
This is a shot of my new hair cut, color, and 29 week baby bump. 

Yesterday I had my ultrasound to check on baby girl's kidneys. I brought Ernest with me. He loved the experience just as much as I did. Little girl was putting her leg behind her head during the ultrasound, yoga star! She also was pouting out her bottom lip at one point. I have a feeling she is going to be a sassy one. Her kidneys haven't improved and the specialist seems to think that it is Reflux. This means that the kidneys aren't draining the urine properly, and it is re-entering the kidneys causing dilation. The next step is to visit a Pediatric Urologist at 35 weeks to make a treatment plan. Baby may need a small operation once she is born, or she may just be put on antibiotics to prevent kidney infection. But we will just have to wait and see. Prayers are much appreciated in the home stretch! 


Kelsey Bang said...

many prayers for little one ;) and you :) how fun to go to disenyland! i love your haircut!

Samantha Faith said...

prayers will be sent your way! i found your blog through your lovely instagram. such a cute blog!


Carissa Inez said...

the little girl is so cute and adorable.