conco de freako


Kristin said...

Sorry I didn't bring any gifts. Great conco de freako, though. I'm desperately in need of the brownie/cake recipe! Here's a shout OUT to grandma chef! Hook me up!

*Tawny* said...

good times and dang it why did i miss the band? i mean i waited all night and no show up? ha i have to admit me and colbz had a good time lerking in the ledge of love. haha as well as the pinata good times, you just slash and poke it where your stick dont belong! haha

u are still my idol, ur sister is just simply 2pac amazing!

Landon and Kate said...

hi nadia!
kate here. (from pictures yesterday) i just got done looking at the pictures and they look so good... cute family! i will post some on my blog in the next couple days.
just wanted to say hi, so hi.

-kate lines.

Landon and Kate said...

a few pictures are up.

just thought you'd want to know.