dream big

I know I torture myself, but I've heard if you make a collage of things you want in your life.. somehow it comes to pass. Like this vision board....Consider this my vision blog

^ I love this headboard, made of old book covers

^why hide your dishes when you can have them out in the open, so adorable

^I love the usage of plants/flowers in the home.

^This is a french inspired hair salon. I love the wall accents and how simply it's decorated. The entrance has crown molding and plain black walls, kind of dark I love it!!

^I am obsessed with white furniture. Isn't it a great concept? You can scrounge around DI or Goodwill and make any furniture white and cute. So simple and easy. And notice the cobblestone fireplace on the left.

^simple teapot painted onthe wall, and that wall color is to die for.

^ I'm obsessed with this rhino

^ old classic luxury cars, enough said

^Newspaper like wallpaper, so starbucks

^solid color wall accents, modern and simple.

^Umm this is how I picture my wedding or rehearsal dinner or something

^tea party with the girls

^Lately I'm dying to move to Manhattan. Blame it on Devon Trejo or Sex and the City (which I intend to see a third time in the theater). But I love the usage of small place in this chic NY apartment.

^same here, check out that closet. And I love all the vases, you could collect them from all of the places you travel.

^and don't get me started on gardens, basically I'm not meant to live in AZ


Kristin said...

I'm feelin' ya on the gardens, girl. PRACTICALITY RUINS LIVES! Remember our Pact. Always.


your secretary

*Tawny* said...

cute cute post!! I like all the pictures some of them were really cute!

haha you worked so hard on our friendship, you make me laugh!
But girls night with braclet making will do u justice for making us go to the show 12 hrs to early! haha

Kristin said...

You know, what? No. I've decided something. You're not torturing yourself. You're amazing! You could do anything, girl. You can have the kind of place you dream about if you have to motivation to make it happen. You're smart and young! You will have the place you dream about!!!!! I know it!!!!!!!!!

stacie amber white said...

these are all amazing, speaking of dreaming big- have you got my email yet??

Anonymous said...

loovvee ittt!