Girls night

Girls night tomorrow night at my house

(Wed night)

We'll be meeting in the evening and going to Micheals to buy charms/bracelets.

We'll go back to my house and assemble them and have dessert made by Stacie White!

Be there be square, no sausages allowed.


stacie amber white said...

what time?
i am so excited! I think this will be tawny and I's big break!

*Tawny* said...

hahaha stacie you are a weirdo!!

I WANT THOSE STRAWBERRYS!!! Mmmm dipped in zebra chocolate what is better than that, i want that pic hung in my house! :) haha

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree with tbag, i like it!

*Tawny* said...

haha im trying im trying... when i try to post its being soooo dang slow and its just frusterating me.. so im gonna have to finish it on my lunch at my parents.. so look back later this afternoon cuz i only have 2 add 2 more pics.. haha

Cassandra Clark said...

Nadia where have you been? Did you move? ANyways I think that you should definitly call me or email me or something because falling off the earth is just not an option! I want to talk to you ok! I miss you!