Our trip to Tamran's ranch...

I don't know what I need more, botox in my forehead or a cure for my flaming cheetos addiction
Mckenna and Kiersten, the coolest girls ever! I had no idea what a good time they are.
I also didn't know that Colby is like an expert cannoer, she knew all the termanology and knew how to direct us.

there are no words except farmer needs a wife

Blackjack with the one and only... Danny
My lovelies
haha bonfire...
Tucker got shot...

making keychains.
our little hike

Britt shot a gun for the first time, and just happened to shoot a watermelon dead on. We were so proud.
boys playin poker


*Tawny* said...

cute cute cute pictures... im so sad and jealouse i didnt get to go... :( Tamran should probably plan to go agian sometime soon when i can actually go gee!!

But it looks like u guys had fun and there was SOOO many people there gee! ha

and fyi for the buzz i quess ur not going than, cuz i am not going to the buzz... sorry maybe if i was like 4 yrs younger id go.. hahaha but i dont think ull be seein me and colby there this week.. sorry :)

stacie amber white said...

1.) Colby knows how to canoe from all the Girls Camps she probably went on.

2.) When I saw that Tucker cat with a bandage I instantly thought you had got to him with some wax!

3.) I wanna play again this week please!?

COLBZ said...

haha its true I learned from camp but my camps were YMCA and co-ed, jealous?
reanch was way fun, I'm down for some outdoor adventures again real soon! orrr hit up cali/mexico for some beach times!

sooo uhhh tawny what should we do for our girls night...?

Stephanie said...

bahaha. I like the picture with you and your DDP, cuz its expected.
and I would be impressed too with Colby

Jenna said...

did you know... Don owns some of that ranch too? Funny huh? Can't you just see him and danny rounding up cattle?