Fun wallpaper/ Wall accents

^ personalized photo wallpaper
^ they have something similar at Ikea
^I'd put this wall accent over a vanity or something.
^Very modern.
^I want this for when I open up my own spa


*Tawny* said...

haha i love all of these.. u are always finding crazy/cool/cute things! I love the all white room with the black table and pic frames soo adorable!!

SORRY... youuu wont be seeing us there, i think me and colbz are doing our own lil girls night Thrs... Sorry the buzz just aint my thing, plus doesnt the buzz start at like 10 at night or something i gotta be up at 645 the next morning. COUNT ME OUT COUNT ME OUT!! sorry stacie will have her turn again to choose something ill praticipate in! You still love me i know it so im not worried!
and yeah dancin aroun in the kitchen u didnt see me doing it, and... theres not gross nasty lil teeny boppers bouncin around up on you! haha

Hilary & Morgan said...

ummm excuse me. but i went to mission bay ward hoping to see your face.
but instead all i saw were strangers. it made me very uncomfortable.

*Tawny* said...

uhmm i dont care... haha you guys can still go to the buzz u just wont see me colby or ameila there... and the REAL girls night can ressume next week.. cuz the buzz involving boys isnt a girls night... haha. TREJO? really.. haha

Beatrice said...

I love it Nadia! It is totally you.

Todd and Andrea said...

great blog, nadia!
thanks for finding my blog and for your comment. i can't guarantee i will be blogging a whole lot since i'm so involved in my masters program. but i will try to update as often as i can. meanwhile, at least i can stalk you on your blog. love you lots!!!

*Tawny* said...

I quess we missed Girls night this week due to you guys trying to go to the buzz and half of us not wanting too. hahaha
so girls night will ressume next week.. so we can either have stacie or colby choose its one of there turns!!!
im gonna wear ur shirt this week and get it back to u i promise!! :) haha we missed u at lunch yesterday u were working.. sorry!