Slim Fast

So my recent downgrade from Lifetime Fitness to La Fitness has had me very bitter. I can no longer afford the luxuries that Lifetime had to offer such as a cafe, salon, personal blow dryer and make-up station... I mean all the necessities of a good gym!

So I took a few months off of exercise. Turned into jello. Woke up and realized LA would have to do. The name is so fitting. Everyone get's all dressed up to go, it's more like a party because everyone from Highland High goes there now. Almost like a mini reunion but smells like gym socks. LA is hotter than hades. I feel like my work-out there is much more intense because you sweat out all liquids in like 30 minutes. It smells like steamy gym socks. (repeating that was not a mistake, I want you to understand how badly it smells). The boys look all roided out.. it's disgusting.

But it'll have to do. Summer is here. And I will forever have the goal of looking like MK. Okay maybe I'll settle for Ashley? A girl can dream...

I need to get on the GND. Oh you don't know what that is? The "get naked diet". A brief spurt of anorexia for mormon girls with a 3 month engagement... I'm half kidding, but seriously... I should try it

ps: My diet really does consist of slim fast, hmmmm does it work? Maybe I shouldn't drink it with my meals.. dangit


stacie amber white said...

mama dress!
come to 24!!

Estee Cook said...

oh goooshhh.
i love it.
the white dress.
and this, "get naked diet".

Anonymous said...

maybe after girls night tonight I will!

*Tawny* said...

oh gosh... is that really mk or ashley becuz it doesnt look like them at all.. and uhh u dont want to look like those girls in that pic... its not pleasant :) your skinny enough as it is!!! hhahaha
slimfast never worked well for me, i was still hungry after drinking it.. haha

see ya tonight!

Shannon said...

You're hilarious. You're one of the skinniest people I know. But I totally did the gnd before I got married. Also with slim fast. I looked good naked on my wedding night and then hit a Vegas buffet pretty hard night two. The rest of the honeymoon was not a pretty sight. Oh well.

kate lines. said...

love the dress- and the gnd. sadly-after about 2 months it was all back.
ok landons bike is a
honda 2004 crf 450.
its a nice bike, we have no where to keep it.
oh, and
i love that dress.