Maria Taylor

And there was always something she had to plan
she's always looking down at her left hand
and she was always inbetween her life and her childhood dream
and there was always something he had to mend,
you give a rule you give him something to bend
and he was always inbetween
his word and what his word means
and the weight of our words, is what we don't understand
all the tests and the parts of every woman and every man -MT

So last night was kind of a rough one. I turned to Aaron for support, he's so great here's some of the words he shared with me:
"Strive to find the good in everyone and every situation"
"Life is too short for anger"
"It get's better, your afflictions are but a small moment, it's like a second in the grand scheme of your life"
"You need hope? Just borrow some of mine"
"You are important to me, if nothing else, hang on for me.. I need you here"


Kristin said...

Aw! I love you & him! Muy Perfecto

She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

This Aaron sounds like such a sweetheart! :) Where did you find those ADORABLE clothes?!?!? (A couple post ago.)

*Tawny* said...

so cute.. aarons a sweetheart!!!

I want that cupcake too,, shoot can u make me some of those!!! haha

Sorry you had a rought night last night!!! Hope your doing better, you should of came to ling lings with us.. it was a big awkward so your prob happy you didnt. haha

Hope your doing better!!!

*Tawny* said...

girls night is colbyzzz turn this week so i dont know what she is planning to do yet, and yes i know that britts havent had a turn yet but neither has colbs or ameila so we gotta go through them first and than we will get to the new comers!! haha
but i think were doing girls night tue or wed and ill see what colbz plans to do, something cheap im sure.

Shannon said...

I'm sorry you were sad, but I'm glad you have Aaron. Love it. And you know you can always call me. :) Heaven knows I miss our little "chats". And by the way, that cupcake looks amazing.