Summer Loving.

there's a lot I want out of this summer. It's weird realizing that after high school, summer isn't much different. Work continues. Ugh I hate growing up.

But at some point this summer I want to:

  • go to mexico

  • go shopping, and the kind of shopping where I save up money and buy a bunch at once. I really want some nice jeans, not 13 dollar skinny jeans from forever21. I really want a nice pair of sevens, A-pocket, with a little bit of flare. The kind that would look good with heels.

  • I want to go to the river

  • sunsplash

  • oh, and patch up some botched relationships. Maybe that should move up on the priority list.


*Tawny* said...

haha okay well i can agree with 2 things on your list..

MEXICO YES... me and steph have been saying sometime towards the end of aug or middle we wanna.. i gotta save some money first..

and YES shopping trip.. i really agree with that.. i just wanna go shopping and be able to spend 200 at once.. i dont even care if its at forever! hahaha :)

Jessica&Colby said...

i hear ya on the jeans. find your favorite pair and then buy them on ebay for 40 dollars!its a thrill to get them in the mail haha hope everything else is well!