am I too old for this?

Lately I pretend I have money.

^these gems for my room

^these gems for me

Tomorrow is my birthday. Why am I already dreading birthdays? Last night I went to Target and I was paroozing through the house stuff. I came to an isle with mirrors and caught a quick glimpse of my leg. I took a look at this nasty brooze on my leg and I had no idea where it came from. And then, out of no where, I saw them... vericose veins. I had no idea I had them all over my legs. I was so appaled. For someone in the skin care industry I find myself extremely aware of these things but I guess I never see the back of my legs. It was so depressing. I've also noticed my eyes start to wrinkle a little bit. And my back is aching all the time. I'm turning 40.

There isn't much to be excited about other than Mexico next weekend. My present to myself. I've been craving the beach and sun. I feel like I just work all the time. Sunshine and Bob Marley. That's where I'll be.


Hilary and Morgan said...

oh nadia. there are no words to explain the phenom that is michael phelps.

kate lines; said...

your never too old for that.
happy birthday.

lets shoot for next week.... wednesday?

Jenna said...


*Tawny* said...

Jealous Jealous Jealous!!!
I wanna go to Mexico soooooo bad!!!!!!!!

I want that shirt as well, haha its on my birthday list, youll see that blog soon!

Hope you had a faboulous Birthday!!
Sorry i didnt make it, got caught up in things!! But this weekend we shall play!!!

You wish u were turning 40 girl!! :)

Kristin said...


Steve and Shell said...

omg, i love that purple bag. i was tempted to buy it many times, but am too cheap. happy b-day!!