favorite things

^creamy, yummy. Bath and Body Works.

Luscious, and also yummy.
^Delish, and organic.

^Cherry Blossoms, beautiful

^ Obagi Clenziderm, thank you for clearing up my acne!

saturday mornings, and looking hideous!

my nephews, cutest boys on earth


*Tawny* said...

Were doing a game night i think this week for girls night, so we arent in a movie and we can actually party down and drink DDP!! :)

haha anyways, I like burts bee's a lot too!!
and i havent smelled the B & B works one you like but i LOVE LOVE sensual Amber!!

pve design said...

favorite things are so much fun to collect!
Looks happy here! :)

kate lines; said...

yeeeah. i am so excited. lets say sometimes in the next few weeks. what week nights work for you? or are weekends better?

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! Essa is so big! Honestly, they are SO gonna be heartbreakers. I love the pic of you and Bradyn. It's so classicly genuine :)