Oh to be Audrey. I just adore her. I love the way she talks. She has all the boys wrapped around her fingers and calls everyone "Dah-ling." Oh to be that thin. Having a bad hair day? No worries... just put a scarf on and show off your amazing bone structure. So tall that flats are acceptable. Oh to be Audrey.

Anyways. I update too much lately. Just bored between clients. The market is so bad that business has really slowed down. I cherish every moment with my clients. I ask them about their life and families and take my time. I've been putting extra "umph" into my facials as well. A nice glass of lemon water after the treatment. Some chilled eyepads to cool off in the summer heat. I made a special playlist for my facials filled with acoustic Sufjan Stevens and Maria Taylor. Dimmed lights and lit candles. I want one of my facials!

Things have changed a lot for me lately. Friends seem to have vanished and that's okay. It happens. I spend most of my nights with Braeden and Brit and Jer and their two adorable boys. Movies, cooking dinner as a family. I love it. It's all I need. And when I get lonely I've learned to write in my journal and sift through pretty design blogs. And daydream about how I would love to decorate my future home.

"Oh adoration, and falling asleep..."


Kristin said...

What?!@! You light candles, play good music, AND give them a lemon slice??!! FREAK. I left too soon.

I hate thinking of you lonely!! You're too social, and pretty, and perfect. Don't let work bog you down. You're always doing everything you can to keep that place alive, so don't let the summer months discourage you. Besides, summer is practically over. It'll pick up again, soon!!

Love your face, and I'm glad you're keeping it real.

R eady?
I t could happen
N E time soon,
G irl


Jessica&Colby said...

sheesh im gonna be ready for a facial anyday now

kate lines; said...

i love. love. love. her, too. i wish i was her. pffff.

*Tawny* said...

Yess we can play soon, sorry last week was a crazy week wit moving and john mayer and everything, we are DOING girls night this week though, i think ameila might choose what we do, she voted for tue or thrs night! haha

Beatrice said...

I love reading your blog. It is one of my top favorites, just seeing what you've been thinking about. Audrey - I love her so much it hurts! A facial sounds amazing! I've only had one and I still cherish that experience. Unfortunatly, wedding expenses keep those experiences at a minimum. Some day though!