I see you dressed all in white.

Not engaged yet, but the wedding planning has certainly begun! I'm either pathetic or prepaired... not quite sure. But my whole family is getting involved and their creative ideas have really been surprising! We love the wheelbarrel with bottled sodas. We found a vintage looking popcorn maker. Photo booth is a must. I'm crossing my fingers for a venue with picnic tables, it would just be too perfect. Prepare yourselves for a picnic, country, good old fashioned Gilbert wedding reception!


*Tawny* said...

hahahaha yes by this post i would think u were engaded already!!! haha I better be on the top 10 of who you let know when it happens!! haha

I like the photo booth idea thats really cute, and i like the wheelbarrel idea a lot to.. ONLY ddp and DP :) haha everyone will understand!! well okay u can add Diet coke too!

megs said...

GIRL! i TOTALLY did a photo booth AND had an old fashioned popcorn machine AAAND bottled soda!!! it was the freaking BOMB. everything turned out UHHmazing, i WISH it could have been outside too, except july weddings are definitely favored INDOORS haha. BUT my mom and dad came through with an incredible light ceiling and paper lanterns in different colors!
We had cupcakes and cotton candy too, i dunno if thats your thing, but im just throwin ideas out there! have fun planning!! even though the engagment hasnt "happened" yet, it will go by all too quickly!!! loves!

megs said...

OH i LOVE that area around joes bbq! that would be so beautiful!
we ordered the photobooth from azboothrentals (google it, it should come up!) and it was SO easy! the guy was SO nice and helpful, i cant remember his name though! but we rented it for, roughly, 4 hours, at $800 dollars, and we didnt have to worry about a THING- AND we got a totally rad guest book that had copies of everyones photo strips and little messages that they wrote next to them!
the cotton candy was a HIT. we just rented one of the machines and my aunt bought a ton of the cotton candy sugar and she just ran it all night for people and kids that wanted some! my uncle even made a little holder to put the already made cones in, it just looked dang cute. do you have facebook?? i have like, 3 albums on there of just the reception! when i get home later tonight, ill send you some too:) im SO excited for you!!!

stacie and geoffrey... said...

i'm doing bottles of soda too!
i wanted to do the photo booth too but it was expensive or something.

i'm like, so over wedding planning and stuff- do mine for me? thanky!

She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

Wow,all of those ideas sounds absolutely adorable. I'm lovin all the vintage stuff you have planned. I loveee vintage! :)


A WEDDING!!! you must let me know whan and where!
this is so exciting and i am so happy for you! you diserve it girl

love you

Kristin said...

Gasp! Be still my heart! Item A: I love the three cakes surrounded by fruit. And I love how they're definitely homemade and not-so-perfect looking. Item 2: The bride is wearing a yellow sweater! How adorable is that!?

Matt and Heather said...

Nadia. your seriously the funnest person I know
Your way too creative.
See ya next week!