Did anyone watch GG last night? I love Chuck Bass!!

I am ADORING these fall/winter looks from totokaelo. The use of flannel is so amazing! Thank you unruly things for bringing these AMAZING pieces to my attention.


megs said...

sorry im always the first one to comment on everything, haha, i am super bored at work most of the time so i keep up with the blogs on my list:) ANYWAYS, whyyyyyyy is chuck SO beautiful in everyway?!! his voice, his LOOK, his personality. LOVE it. i just worship everyone on gg.
also, i am totally diggin the flannel this year, i love the photos you found! you got styyyle woman!

Madison and Molly said...

love the flannel. love it.
okay so im writing you for my best friend Madison. She said to say hello cause she knew you when she lived in AZ. Um... she said to say you went to the same school, and she dated David. And you had the cutest style and the cutest smile.

megs said...

ok how do you ALWAYS have the most beautiful blog pages?! mine is only BLACK and its sooo boring.
im way jealous.
but i still like you alot dont worry. and im glad we share an obsession with chuck, the mis understood villian of gg. (whens the wedding?!... and did you pick a ring yet?!??)

She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

I did watch Gossip Girl last night, only part of it...I haven't really watched it that much. Lol, I love those fall/winter looks! Where do you get all your cute pictures for your header?? So adorable!

The Keslers said...

Dang. I'm jealous of that model's skinny lil' legs.