Pumpkin goodness!

Unruly Things shared her love for pumpkins. I can't agree more!

A good old fashioned carve fest.

Pumpkin Cleanser, smells so good you'll want to wash your face all the time! Made with actual bits of pumpkin, it is so pleasant! It's more like a dessert!
baked pumkin seeds, my favorite holiday snack!

Pumpkin Spice Latte, or hot chocolate! FABULOUS!


megs said...

GIRL, i loooove pumpkin chocolate chip COOKIES. they are heaven.
PS send me your email address! i had to go private:(

*Tawny* said...

mmmmm pumpkin seeds and latte and hot chocolate!! YUMMMMMY!!!!
We should carve pumpkins for girls night next week... and than bake the seeds... faboulous idea!!! :)
We can make it a halloween girls night!!

stacie amber white said...

can i come to girls night even though im about to become a woman?

i love to carve!

COLBZ said...

oh stacie trusstt you are still invited, if you didnt know tawny has been a woman for awhile now and shes like the president of girls night.

Kristin said...

Ok, who carved that pumpkin? That is NOT a good ol' fashioned carve fest. It's beyond amazing! I bet they used a little electric doodad to get the job done. Wonder where I can find myself a doodad?