It seems like the theme in the world lately is hope. For those of you that are of the LDS persuasion you probably watched General Conference. If Itook one message from conference, it was that there is hope. Hope in the Gospel, hope in righteous doing, hope in following the counsel of the prophet.
We have a new president. I'm not here to talk politics, but having someone new in office has presented many with hope. The hope for a bright future, change. I don't neccessarily see the winning candidate as a reason to hope, but I do hope. I have hope that this country will pull through.
I was reading in my scriptures the other night about Faith. If you ever feel discouraged, read the definition of Faith in the Bible Dictionary
faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.
I can't see my future. I do not know if Aaron will serve a mission. I do not know if we will be married soon. I do have faith that by obedience to the council of our Stake President, he will lead Aaron to make the best choice. I support him either way. And I have FAITH that God has a plan for me as well.
DISCLAIMER: I promise to NEVER blog about something so personal and spiritual ever again but just this once I felt the need to!


Tim and Niccole said...

Thanks for the reminder! It was just what I needed today :) Goodluck with all of the hard and important decisions you two are making! Everything will work out.

megs said...

youre a cool chick. i liked this one:) good luck.

Katie said...

My favorite post yet. Your post reminded me that there are a lot of things out of our control, but if we do what is right, everything will work out. That is what Ryan has been telling me lately and when I pray I know it's true.

Wow - sorry for getting all personal too! :)

Estee Cook said...

nadia, you're lovely.

Kristin said...

Nadia, don't make such outrageous promises! I loved this post! A note of upliftment is always appreciated by me. Thank You.

Jenna said...

Nadia, why would you never post anything spiritual? You always gave my favorite seminary thoughts. Seriously though. I love it.

Millie said...

I should have read this yesterday!