lisa bengtsson

These designs from Lisa Bentsson do not need a lame caption from me. Amazing.


*Tawny* said...

I want those plates!!!!

*Tawny* said...

haha we actually carved pumpkins before you did!! HAAAAAAA so logan didnt copy yours and i cant say you copied him cuz you didnt see his till now.. I just have been to busy to post all the picts but ours were rotten by halloween we did them so far in advance we did them like middle of the week before halloween. after it got booted out of girls night and i wasnt pleased i resulted to asking him too! ahha

Madison and Molly said...

ooh la la. oh kay. you and i need to have a chat. your blog has gotten me re-addicted to home decor, clothes, jewelry, and well everything on etsy. i was SO proud of myself when i moved to mexico cause i lost interest but YOU always post the most adorable things, so like for the last WEEK I have spent countless hours on etsy adding things to my favorites.
you have such fabulous taste.