new room/house

the roomies and I are looking for a new place. I have so many fun ideas, I want to redecorate my room so bad. I love chalkboard walls, and the cluster of pictures.

Bright vases and flowers
funky modern furniture
nick-nacks, I love finding those at thrift stores
maybe a new chandelier
they have cute block letters at Micheals, I want to buy some and paint them. Any creative ideas of a word I could choose? I was thinking maybe dream?
Any ideas guys!? I love your input!


mindy said...

my sister has chalkboard cupboards...they rock!
block letters...HECK YES! i decopage letters for gifts! just another idea...find some sweet paper you could put on em!

Kristin said...

Word ideas for Nadia:

Edward turns me on too. :)