All of a sudden I'm obsessed with gold. I can't fathem paying 160.00 for a simple gold ring like this. But I really do adore it. Somehow I want a tattoo of a leaf like this. Simple. It looks like it's falling, ah I'm obsessed~

I also love this ring by Colleen Baran. Two finger ring! She promises it's not restrictive.

On a side note:
Results of yourObsessive-Compulsive Disorder Screening
You scored a total of 20

(12 and ^ OCD is very likely)


Washing hands obsessively CHECK
Folding towels until perfectly even CHECK
etc. etc.


Miss MyKelle J said...

You always have the best posts! I too have been so drawn to gold.

I am a friend of Kate lines(i can't remember if I have ever commented before.) I love stalking your blog!

P.S. thanks for posting about the free nylon mag. I can't wait to get mine!


katelines photography. said...

i have all next week off. any morning you can go?

p.s. i got a hold of shellie and we are doing the shoot next week! yeeeeeah.

Estee Cook said...

nadia, i think you're adorable.

that rug is lovely, isn't it?!
it can be found at:
an amazing store. i fell in love with it when i was in london and now i stalk the website like i stalk your blog.