My blog formatting must have gotten messed up. Help? So my mom says I sound pathetic for asking for a promise ring. Let's all pretend that didn't happen? Haha. Wow. Anyways. Isn't this rug amaazing? Estee gave me the link. It's my title of this post. This is my theme for 2009

BTW I love all of my dedicated blog-stalkers! We all do a little blog stalking. So let's all just be honest with each other, we'll make so many new blog friends! ya?


Estee Cook said...

i'm happy that you love that rug as much as i do. it's lovvvely. i have a feeling that my 2009 will either be a little scary, or borderline amazing depending on how i choose to feel about everything that's going on. keep calm and carry on, what a perfect theme for the coming year.
i'm in town! i want to have a run in with you while i'm here! maybe new years? tell me your plans!


She has a story to tell♥Sarah said...

that rug is lovely!

Miss MyKelle J said...

I love your theme for the year! Its got me trying to figure out my theme for the year... i feel a new posting coming ;)

p.s. I want that rug...what a good thing to read as you leave for the day.

p.s.s. I am sooo glad you like my blog and YES I love Kate.

Cami Clay Photo. said...

You know I stalk you.


haha creepy.

and thank you for entertaining me with all your blogging goodness.

*Tawny* said...

haha im a blog stalker.. do i scare you?
hahahaha im being a smart A.. i dindt get what any of that meant so i just commented anyways!!!

I like the rug too.. and i like how its your 2009 theme.. very very classy and a good one!

{michelle} said...

Ooh I want that rug!

Grami Tami said...

Ohhhhhh nooooo you didn't just tell everyone that I said you sounded pathetic! You are SOOOO far from pathetic my darling daughter. I love you and someday, the ring that shines on your finger will be almost as amazing as you. Love Momma