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I copied this blog post from "For me for you"

this is what she posted about this adorable book

From Samantha:"I asked 25 artists & writers—each with a distinct style and voice—to submit a piece inspired by their idea of love, and then I published them as a book on blurb, a print-on-demand website. The contributing artists hail from around the world. I knew that each one's interpretation of love would be singular, but with some profound similarities.Love is the ideal subject for artists to interpret. We all love, but everyone defines love differently in their minds and hearts. We all love differently and the same. We are connected through love and art.Love is available through blurb for $16.95 for a softcover, $25.95 for a hardcover with a dust jacket, and $27.95 for hardcover with "image wrap." It contains 40 pages of incredible art including a couple of pages of amazing writing."


*Tawny* said...

This sounds like a really cute book.. are you getting one.. If so can i PRETTY PLEASE borrow it when your done with it for a day or two.. Id like to look through it, but dont know that i want to spend the money buying it!
Let me know if you are! ha
see ya tom night.

*Tawny* said...

ps... i like that your coming back to NORMAL BLOG NADIA! :) Keep it up!

*Tawny* said...
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*Tawny* said...

I found the header I want for a lil bit.. but i dont know where to find cute backgrounds that would go with it... YOU SHOULD HELP!!
And if u want to revamp anything else on my blog.. Ex.. colors of font to match background and so forth!!
Just see if u can find one that matches my header! LOVE U! and THANK YOU. ONLY DO IT IF AND WHEN U HAVE TIME IF U GET BORED!!
text me if u need my log-in info if u find a background!
maybe even a blackish one...

Love Cami. said...

Thank you for having a cool beanz blog, keep em comin.

katelines photography. said...

i've gone off diet coke (well, all soda), stopped eating all red meat, eating fish at least once and week, sugar once a week, and replaced all my white flour with wheat.
i honestly feel so good already. (and i lost 6 lbs! blame the diet coke)
(and i only shop at fresh and easy.) it is probably my favorite store ever. seriously, have you been? its ah-mazing.

so what are you doing?
we should email.