this diet has me running constantly to trader joes, fresh and easy, sprouts, and whole foods. I want to eat like this forever! (without the 500 calorie limit). Eating organic and cooking all of my meals makes me feel good about what I am eating. Anyways look at these organic clothing items from Whole Foods! So expensive, but so cute.


katelines photography. said...

oh please.

(i've been eating lots healthier since the new year too, it feels so good.)

Mollybelle said...

i wish trader jos was a utahn.
id marry him.
its my favorite market on earth.

*Tawny* said...

Yahhhh cooking ur meals homemade... and eating healthy always makes you feel better about what you eat and healthier!! :) I have been loving making dinner every night without eating out at ANY fast food places!

Fresh n Easy- I like i like i like that store!