This one by Sarah Parrott can be found on ETSY. I saw this and immediately thought of Aaron. Not only because of our current situation, and how much I love him... But because I think of the one time that we did ride a tandem bike together. closed my eyes so tight because I was horrified. I vividly remember yelling at him to slow down and wrapping my arms around his waist!


Albica said...

when is he leaving?

*Tawny* said...

I like this picture a lot!!!
Is it $$$?? Its very cute cuz I love tandem Bikes & I love that saying its very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

that website you showed me is way cute with a bunch of these!
for girls night/valentines day lets make cute valentines ones!

*Tawny* said...

I AGREE WITH COLBY!!! CAN WE MAKE THESE PLEASEEEE or WHATVEER COLB IS TALKING ABOUT... me and britt were saying we needed a craft night.

I think girls night is thrs night colbs partents are outta town so i belive at her casa~!

You should be in charge of a girls night soon.. next week pos? or week after and plan a crafts night.. because i know ME and YOU could get the crafts part going.. everyone else wouldnt plan a crafts night. ahhahahahaha

*Tawny* said...

ps... i just showed my friend i work with a picture of you because she was laughing at our blog conversation about diets and so forth.. and i showed her the pics of kates photo website of u doing ur SINGLE shoot and her first words were... "that girl looks way to skinny.. tell her she should eat more instead of eating less" hahaha so seeeeee belive me.. NOT TAMRAN u dont need to loose any weight girlfriend u look amazing how u are!