Have you heard of Nei Nei? I don't know much about her, or her adorable family. Only from what I read on her blog. From what I know this beautiful woman survived a plane crash. She is LDS, and has 4 kids with her darling husband. If any of you follow her blog you have probably laughed, cried, and wished you knew these wonderful people. The link in the title is too a website that shows their gorgeous home. They won Arizona home of the year. Here's a little taste of why...

silouhettes of her family on the wall.
And a wall color that literally took my breath away. I know I am a dork, but that is the most lovely wall color I've ever seen.
Side note: Saw twilight tonight in the Dollar theater. (For the 7th time, Tamran's 8th). Aaron/Braeden came along (his name will be officially changed in about a week and a half!) I think he secretly loves Twilight. I didn't have to coax him to come :]
Colby looked darling in her "boyfriend" jeans. And Nevaeh sat in my lap and jumped at all the scarry parts. I adore that child/teenager!


*Tawny* said...

I read her blog and she has really inspiring post, i love it!!!

whaaaa twlight was in the dollar theatre... I wish i knew that! hahaha

we are doing a girls night next week.. somethin came up with logans family so I was with him all yesterday!!

miss ya child!

JerBritMaxEssa said...

This is weird because the other night I had this amazing idea (so I thought) to have jeremy draw our siloettes and then paint them in black against a white backgroung and put them in oval black frames. I am totally feeling super unorigional right now!