These tough economic times call for bargain hunting! Well I found these little items at Charlotte Russe.
I'm not ashamed.


*Tawny* said...

I love the shoes.. what were the prices on those bad boys.. I need to go shopping soooo bad, but i need the money first. I HAVENT SEEN U FOREVER! I think were doing a girls nigh this week so i better see u if so!!
and that other piece is super cute and i could def. see you in that!!

Anonymous said...

is there any way to keep my same pictures you have on my page but change the background theme?
i love the pictures, but need a little change!

*Tawny* said...

yes there is a way colbs!!! Its easy too once u fig it out ill have to look and see if nadia didnt already tell you!!!

uhh i donno how i feel about paramore im not a big fan really.. but the FRAY when is that date.. i do like them a lot!

yah 25%off everything online at charlotte today only for st pattys day!!!