there is nothing time cannot erase

A little bummed tonight seeing as I missed the As Tall as Lions show. (One of my favorite bands).

Twiggy, absolutely darling.

some darling headwear

prismera jewelry

Vintage wedding dress

My granmda Nelda. I'd love to name a daughter Nelly after her.


Mollybelle said...

do it! nelly. i love it. I think family names never ever ever go out of style. I detest trendy names. I'm scared to say any of them-- cause I'd hate to ruin anyone's feelings.... nope im just going to do it. I HATE names like Paxton, Braxton, etc. family names are beautiful-- even the ugly ones have some amazing charm. my great grandmothers are fern and clarice, and i know they are "ugly" but i find them beautiful and I will name my first daughter fern clarice and my second florence bella-- swear on my mothers grave.
sorry- it was good to get that all off my chest.

*Tawny* said...

Those rings are pretty unique and cool!!!
As well as I am bummed I missed ATAL as well, I LOVE THAT BAND!! But... it was FAR to FAR to justify driving that far.. it was like over an hour away or something crazy!

Anonymous said...

hahaha youre grandma is adorable! you should totally name youre little girl nelly!

Sara Christine said...

This is a lovely collection of images. Each one made me smile. Twiggy! That jewelry! The wedding dress! But the best is your granny. So sweet. :)