darling dexter

Do you ever find a blog, and you think to yourself "this is my blog soulmate?" I absolutely love everything on the blog darling dexter. the wedding dress posted first
is g-worthy and timeless, I think. And that romper in the second photo is fabulous. And I must have that swimsuit in the third photo, and I must fit into it somehow!
* and that cuff in the last photo is $68.00 from anthropologie, I know that's ridiculously overpriced but I NEED IT! AMELIA!


Love Cami. said...

The wedding dress is to die for,

you would look amazing in it. I love good style.

Steve and Shell said...

i want that swim suit

*Tawny* said...

I like the wedding dress super cute! I LOVE the bracelet from antrho... SOOOOO Cute!

Anonymous said...

The dress I love, we have the necklace, we don't have the bracelet at our store, Colbs or I would have to order it onlineee

Anonymous said...

*correction: amelia would have to order it online. I cant cuz my last name shows up as mitelli...?