I bought this postcard that I saw on A Little Sussy. You can sew in it! I am going to sew Phoenix Arizona to Denver Colorado. And then I'll frame it for my room...

*this is going to be so difficult

**but eternally worth it

June17, 2009 :/

Random side note, I saw these Hunter rain boots on Oh Joy! I WANT but they're 60 m-effing euro's


Mollybelle said...

my heart breaks for your heart.
i know "breaks" isn't the word, because its SO the right thing for him to do and for you to support him, but saying goodbye for two years would totally suck, even under the very best circumstance.

*Tawny* said...

cute idea with the maps you bought! Very cute idea!

Jenna said...

cute bikini! if I had a bikini bod, i'd by it. I LOVE YOU